How to Resolve the Issue of Toshiba Laptop Backlights?

Resolve Toshiba Backlight issue

A wide range of laptop brands have come up in the market. Amongst the most popular brands, Toshiba has earned a respectable position in the minds of computer users. Like any other branded technical products, the Toshiba laptops too are not devoid of problems. When you are using a system for a long period of time, there can be problem with the keyboard keys, screen, display settings, sound and many other sorts of such issues. Often users like you can complain about a dark laptop screen or distorted images being displayed on screen.

One of the common problems that most Toshiba laptop users face is the failure of laptop's backlight. While working on your laptop, you might at once find that the laptop screen has turned black. Sudden turning of the laptop screen to dark is in most cases the result of backlight failure. When you find that your laptop screen has become black and you have searched for all the genuine reasons that can cause such problems, you should be certain that the problem is with the backlight. Computer repairs service providers can help you in finding the obvious reasons for back laptop screen.

The backlight fails to function properly, if by any chance you have dropped or jarred your laptop. This problem can also occur due to the burning out of the bulb. Any PC repair service will advise you to replace the bulb for which you have to take off your laptop LCD screen. However, if you feel you are capable enough to do the repairing yourself, you can do it; otherwise getting the help from some professional expert will be a wise decision.

Steps to be followed in replacing the backlight of your laptop:

  • Firstly, remove your laptop's battery after unplugging it. Take a flat-headed screwdriver and take off all the rubber key coverings surrounding the frame of your laptop's LCD screen. You will find two screws at the top and bottom of your Toshiba laptop, remove them. Get in touch with online tech support team for more help.

  • Carefully take off the frame of your laptop from its cover with the help of a screwdriver. Disengage the plastic latches around the covering of your laptop slowly. When you have uncovered everything, you will find the backlight at the top of your LCD screen. Remove this light by taking off the screws which attached the bulb to your laptop's screen.

  • You can consult a computer support online service provider, if you are not confident in doing the task alone. Break the solder carefully from each end and take off the backlight from inverter board. Put a new bulb on the leads and re-solder it. In case you suspect that the problem is not only with the backlight but also with the inverter of your laptop, you have to replace whole of your backlight-inverter. There are many expert remote tech support professionals and team who can offer you the best service in detecting the backlight problem and replacing it in the most effective way. Still if you are facing any problem then you can contact Toshiba Customer Service to get best and reliable support.

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