How to synchronize Hotmail account on iPhone?

Synchronize Hotmail account on iPhone

In order to enable sending and receiving email and synchronizing other data like contacts on an iPhone, you have to add a Microsoft email account. Now, Microsoft’s email is called Outlook and it supports Hotmail accounts. In case, you wish to synchronize a Hotmail account on an iPhone, simply follow the given steps:

  • Launch “Settings” which is gray color application and consists of gears and is usually located on Home screen.

  • Just scroll down and click Mail in the Menu section that lists in Apple apps like Notes and Contacts.

  • Tap Accounts at the top of the menu.

  • Then, tap Add Account in the bottom of the list of accounts.

  • Next you have to tap near the bottom of the menu.

  • Enter your Hotmail email address and then click "Next".

  • Then, enter your password and type all the password credentials associated with your Hotmail account into the field on the screen.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions for further preferences.

  • Click "Yes" that allows the Mail app to access your Hotmail account.

  • Choose the data to sync. Navigate from the listed apps to the "On" (green) position. You can sync Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes your Hotmail data to your iPhone.

  • While synchronizing your Hotmail data to your iPhone, if you encounter any kind of problem with Hotmail or any other issue, directly contact at Hotmail Support Phone Number where you will get the chance to speak to our experts and highly skilled technicians who are able to handle all sort of critical problems at any complex level. Contact us immediately and avail our assistance now.

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