What to do when Toshiba laptop's mouse cursor doesn't work?

What to do when Toshiba laptop's mouse cursor doesn't work?

Toshiba is one of the trusted computer brands which is considered the best when it comes to a user’s pocket. There is no doubt to say that Toshiba is leading the market with its exclusive range of laptops. The brand has brought an evolution in home, business and market with its wide range of computers and laptops. Since it always ranked high due to its various functionalities but sometimes users face problems with its keyboard. If you face any of the issues like the touchpad is not working then do not get panic, just try few troubleshooting steps that can help you in one or the other way.

Following are the instructions to troubleshoot Toshiba laptop’s mouse cursor:

  • When the system loads heavily, mouse cursor behaves unsteadily so it is good to wait until all programs are fully loaded or CPU intensive applications get completed.

  • Touchpad requires modification of the cursor and during this process, mouse cursor is drifted over the desktop screen for a few seconds. You are suggested not to move the cursor during the short time of recalibration, it will start to meddle the process and the touchpad will try to recalibrate itself until the modification is done.

  • If cursor of the mouse doesn’t stop moving on the screen after a limited time then try to disable the touchpad by pressing Fn-F9 on the keyboard. In case, if the cursor still moves then it might possible that problem is related to hardware failure.

  • If cursor doesn’t move on the screen after certain time duration then disable the touchpad by pressing Fn-F9. Wait for few seconds and now enable the touchpad with Fn-F9. If the problem still persists then unhook any external devices like keyboard, printer, pen drive, USB devices and restart the system. Doing this will sort out the problem, if not then probably one of the external peripherals was causing this error.

  • In this way you can troubleshoot Toshiba laptop’s mouse cursor and get out of this problem. If problem still persist then contacting our experts will be a great solution to end all of your tech issues. Customers don’t need to wait longer as we provide instant solution at Toshiba Number. The main motto of our team is to offer the best solution without wasting much time of the users so that they can continue their work on their laptops. For all issues related to Toshiba computers, we are very fast in our services and that’s why customers are happy with us.

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